Human Canvas

Around the World Web Series Follows the Tattooing of Model’s Body Against Stunning Backdrops

Fashion film-maker Damien ‘Elroy’ Vignaux, and contemporary artist Supakitch have come together in an original collaborative project: travelling to stunning locations around the world as Supakitch covers the body of model, Angie Lovatron Jenkins, in stylistic tattoos.

The pair are close friends, who have already had success working together on their film in Gothebörg at the World Culture Museum (which amassed more than 2 million views). Their current project, entitled Endorphin, has seen them shooting in an apartment in NYC with stunning panoramic views, and most recently on a scenic beach in LA. They plan to shoot 8-10 more videos for the project.

We caught up with Damien to talk concept, and ambitions for the series.

The Plus: What inspired this series?
Damien Vignaux:
We were thinking about possible ways to collaborate again, but with something more ambitious that could surprise people. I was getting more into directing and he was getting more into tattooing, so we quickly came up with this.

TP: Where would you like to shoot the future films?
We are discussing wilder locations for the next episodes. Our dream would be to shoot in those architect studios in Newfound Land, or somewhere on the coast of Scotland in the storm, or even in a whisky distillery! But we are producing the series ourselves, so maybe Berlin or Paris would be a more realistic choice for the next session. We also talked about Portugal and Morocco. We want different moods and cultures.

TP: What has been the most difficult obstacle so far, in making this series?
The only frustrating part is that we don’t have partners or sponsors, so we cannot make it as epic as we would like it to be! Hopefully this will change.