Blossom Type: Spring Inspired Fonts

Type Font created with natural flowers by Moscow artist Alice Mourou

As summer rapidly approaches (depending on what part of the world you are in), and the colours of Mother Nature start to become more vibrant, Alice Mourou’s Blossom type project seems a very fitting find for this part of the year. She, along with her team, has created an alphabet type font, created with natural flowers.

This work in progress was conjured as a remedy to those cold winters, where ‘you probably need some warmth, tenderness, love and affection.’ They have combined their love for typography and videos, adding a splash of spring to it.

Each handmade, tenderly formed letter has been captured on videos, which look different every time you watch them. Alice says this is to mirror the way spring is different every time it comes around. The second part of the project is yet to come, and will involve an interactive element where users can take part in generating content for video messages.

You can find a selection of the design above and more to present in our upcoming story.