Life In the Tube

1980s Photographs Of the London Underground and Its Passengers

“Every day I traveled to King’s Cross and back. Coming home late at night,” Says photographer Bob Mazzer, who spent 20 years commuting to work by London trains, “it was like a party and I felt like the tube was mine and I was there to take the pictures.”

We see from these snaps that although fashions and hairstyles may have changed dramatically, and besides the fact that anyone caught smoking on a train these days would surely be arrested or fined, not much else has changed in the world of the London Underground since the 1980’s.

Working as a projectionist at a porn cinema in the center of the city, Bob’s daily commute brought him face to face with the kind of strange, funny, heart warming and awkward moments that are unavoidable if you find yourself on the right line, at the right time.

The rowdy, law-breaking youths, the sleepy people who invade others’ personal space with tilted heads and side slouches, the young lovers who can’t keep their hands off each other in a crowded carriage, and the sheer diversity of people that London has offered for decades, can all be found in this collection of recently rediscovered photos.

Bob’s worldwide photographic exhibition, Underground, opens at the Howard Griffin Gallery in London on June 12th. It is a must see for any lover, hater or ambivalent user of the London Underground.