A Marriage Made in Heaven

A Creative Couple Takes the World of Food Photography By Storm

Move over Bonnie and Clyde, here comes another husband & wife team who are criminally brilliant partners-in-crime: food stylist Claudia Ficca and fine art photographer Davide Luciano are busy breaking all the rules over in New York with their quirky tableaux. Take Cold Feet, a string of surreal scenes in which the feet of dead animals have been expertly twisted into mortal poses – two chickens polish their nails a rooster red; an alligator – the reptile who hunts alone – plays a game of solitaire; and a crab click-clacks away as she knits a woolen scarf.

This arresting series was inspired by a walk around China Town, where carcasses dangled by their feet outside nearly every shop front – it seems that downtime for these two is just an opportunity to think up their next creative project. Claudia and Davide are an incredibly versatile pair who have flair and subtlety depending on the brief – with Spring Fling, the pair add a bit of romance to a dry commercial shoot, as dinner plates turn into breakfast china, with the odd coy hand gesturing to what may have taken place in between. Claudia’s practical flair for assembling mise-en-scene, coupled with Davide’s technical expertise and renegade conceptual ideas makes them a creative powerhouse that stands out from the crowd.

We Caught Up With Claudia Ficca.

The Plus: Your passion for food grew from childhood – what are the dishes you love the most?
Claudia Ficca:
In the savory category, my favorite food is pasta, specifically homemade lasagna and ravioli. And in the sweets category, my weakness is anything with flaky dough, like croissants, and also desserts that are filled with cream, like profiterols and éclairs.

TP: Apart from a love of food, what are the key elements to be a food stylist?
Being organized, culinary knowledge, team player, hard-worker, being resourceful, working under pressure.

TP: Are you working on any projects at the moment?
We are always working on something! Davide is developing an idea for another creative shoot that touches on the problem of obesity.

TP: Guilty pleasure after a long day?
Dark chocolate with sea salt.